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Consignment Helful Hints

Helpful Hints for a productive consignment experience:

  • The intakes area gets very congested if consignors wait until they get here to sort and count their items. Bring no more than 30 items per visit.
  • Items must be current style.
  • Refer to our NoThankYouBrands list of brands that are not accepted. (If an item was $10/$15 or less, new, we cannot put a high enough price on it to cover our costs and pay consignors.)
  • Items must be freshly laundered and neatly folded. Note: If you don’t take the time to turn items right side out and check for stains, we won’t either.  :) 
  • Weed out items with stains or rips.
  • Items cannot look worn, pilly or faded.
  • We cannot accept items with zipper pulls, or embellishments that are potential choking hazards. We also cannot accept children’s tops with drawstrings for safety reasons.
  • All zippers, buttons, and snaps must be working & fastened
  • Equipment must have all original parts or correct recall replacement parts –with documentation,and cannot be more than 3-years old.  We must be able to find and read the make and model #, so that we can confirm the item was not re-called.
  • All equipment and accessories must be up-to-date and cleaned thoroughly with no peeling decals, cracks or defects.
  • Please check http://www.cpsc.gov to see if your item has been recalled for safety reasons.  (Often repair kits may be ordered for free.)

Cleaning Tips

  • Textured plastic equipment needs to be washed with a scrubbing powder or a brush and then rinsed thoroughly
  • Molded plastic items, such as booster chairs may usually be washed in the dishwasher. 
  • Strollers need to be taken apart.  Fabric pieces can go in the washing machine on gentle, while metal and plastic parts must be wiped down thoroughly.
  • While it is important that clothing looks and feels freshly laundered, some families with allergies prefer not to buy clothing that has been in the dryer with a dryer sheet or washed with heavy, perfumed detergent.
  • Equipment that cannot be taken apart can be washed in the bathtub or outside with the garden hose.
  • Shoes, boots and cleats need to be free of sand, mud, and odor: they can often go in the washing machine and be air-dried

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