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5 Reasons to buy secondhand
1.  Your money stays in the community.

Money you spend at a local secondhand shop will pay local workers and owners, and will be used to purchase local services and supplies. At M&C, almost half of the money you spend on consignment items goes back to your neighbors, the people who consigned the items.


2. You can avoid being a carbon copy.

The people who consign or donate their clothing shop in a variety of places.  At M&C, we have consignors who buy clothes when they travel to NYC, or other parts of the country.  We also have several who buy their clothing when they travel to their home country. We love to help you put it all together to create that unique style and to look your best.


3. You can help reverse the trend of fashion as a disposable product.

According to the film, The True Cost, the US sends 11 million tons of textiles, per year, to landfills, most of which is not biodegradable. At M&C we have tried to promote the concept of buying better quality so that we can wear it longer or pass it on to someone else.


4. Secondhand products don't have wasteful packaging.

Some packaging is designed to be anti-theft, other times packaging is all about marketing.  regardless, after a day of buying new, retail products you arrive home with a pile of tags, plastic wrap, boxes and bags to sort into the recycling and trash bins. At M&C, we try to always remember to ask if you want a bag, because we know how often it happens to us that the cashier already has all of your purchases in a bag before you get a chance to say "no thank you."


5. Buying pre-owned, existing products conserves energy.

The manufacturing and shipping of products requires a tremendous amount of energy.  The textile industry is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases on Earth.  Here is a well-researched blog post that contains a lot of references to articles and studies:  https://oecotextiles.wordpress.com/category/embodied-energy-in-textiles/ .






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